Guitar Education for all Ages

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The tuition for each month is $100 for one 30 minute lesson a week. If you wish to take an hour per week, the cost is $200 for a month and is solely dependent on the time factor. 


Sign-up and Scheduling

Private lessons are available to individuals in the afternoons and evenings Tuesday through Thursday. All lessons are taught in my private studio located at my home. You can contact me at the phone number above or the e-mail address if you wish to enroll in lessons.  

If you e-mail, please include a phone number with your e-mail so that I may contact you. .

Make-up lessons

Notification of any missed lesson must be made at least 48 hours in advance before a make-up will be considered. There will not be a make-up lesson without this notification. Some months have 5 lesson days, so the 5th lesson may be used as a make-up but only prior notice was given.


Age limits

All ages from 6 to 60+ are welcome since each lesson is geared to the individual person. I have taught students as young as 4, but I will only consider children younger than 6 on a case by case basis.

Teaching Approach

For younger students and beginners, lessons focus on the basics of music and proper technique in playing the guitar. Each beginning student is taught how to read music. They also begin learning and incorporating elements of music theory and ear training. As each student progresses, the lessons become more individualized to meet the needs and expectations of that student. 

For the adult student, the instruction depends on what abilities the student already has and direction the student wishes to go.  If the student wishes to study classical, jazz, blues, country, rock, or just hone their skills, instruction will be given to accommodate them. Lessons in theory and its application to the instrument are also available. Instruction on proper hand control and relaxation techniques is given as part of the lessons. If the adult student is a true beginner, then the approach will be tailored to the expectations that student has and the outcomes they wish to achieve.


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